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A1 Towing & Collision

Fast & Reliable 24/7 Tow Truck in Manhattan

A1 Towing & Collision: Your trusted roadside partner in Manhattan. Dependable tow truck services for any emergency, anytime.

Welcome to A1 Towing & Collision | A Trusted 24 hour tow truck SERVICE in Manhattan

Call our professional towing Service to provide you with 24 hour roadside assistance in Manhattan With just a phone call.

towing nyc
towing nyc

Why Choose A1 Towing & Collision?

We're fast

We'll get to you as soon as possible, regardless of where you are in Manhattan.

We're reliable

We are always on time and execute the job correctly.

We're affordable

We provide reasonable pricing and are always willing to work within your budget.

We're friendly

We are here to assist you in those moments of need.

So, if you ever need a tow truck in Manhattan, don’t hesitate to contact A1 Towing & Collision. We are here to help you get back on the road.

blocked driveway
blocked driveway towing
Blocked Driveway?

Our Tow Truck in Manhattan Can Assist You


on't allow a sudden blockage to ruin your day. A1 Towing & Collision's committed team is available to fix any driveway blockage difficulties you may be experiencing. Whether it's a carelessly parked vehicle or an unexpected obstruction, you can depend on us to clear the route quickly, ensuring you have easy access to your property. Reclaiming your driveway has never been easier or less stressful than with A1 Towing & Collision.

Your Quick Solution

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance in NYC


hen an unanticipated event happens on Manhattan's crowded streets, A1 Towing & Collision is your reliable companion in distress. Our emergency roadside service extends beyond standard towing; we can jump-start a dead battery, fix a flat tire, bring gasoline, and more. With a fleet of qualified technicians on call 24/7, you can rely on A1 Towing & Collision to handle any roadside emergency quickly and effectively, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

car towing
car towing
Need Long Distance Towing?

Trust Our Tow Truck in Manhattan


re you planning a relocation or need to transfer your vehicle long distances? Our tow truck in Manhattan can help. Our trustworthy and competent team assures safe and secure transportation of your car, giving you peace of mind along the way. Trust A1 Towing & Collision to manage your long-distance towing needs. With our latest equipment, we ensure quick and efficient service.

Safeguard Your Ride

Call Our Tow Truck in Manhattan for Motorcycle Towing

Riding a motorbike through Manhattan’s lively streets is thrilling, but unexpected problems can happen. Our tow truck in Manhattan is ready to help you and your two-wheeled buddy with our motorcycle towing service. Our excellent team knows the special requirements of motorcycle transportation, ensuring that your bike travels safely and securely.

Trust A1 Towing & Collision to deliver reliable and efficient motorbike towing services. Let us help you enjoy the city without stress.

battery jump start nyc
tow truck nyc
For Uninterrupted Journeys

Call Our Rapid Car Battery Replacement in Manhattan


re you stuck in the middle of Manhattan with a dead battery? A1 Towing & Collision is your one-stop shop for quick and effective car battery replacement. Our professional technicians have top-of-the-line batteries and the knowledge to get you back on the road quickly. Whether you're in the Financial District or uptown, A1 Towing & Collision's reliable assistance is only a phone call away. Trust us to restore your vehicle's power. We'll ensure you'll never miss a beat on this city that never sleeps.