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Instant Junk Car Removal in NYC

Is there an old junk vehicle lying in your garage or your parking lot somewhere in NYC? Do you want to get rid of the unwanted vehicle taking up extra space in your garage in New York City at the best price? Call our towing services.

A1 Towing & Collision

Easy Junk Car Removal in NYC


re you an owner of a junked out vehicle which is not in working condition any longer? Do you want to get rid of your old junk vehicle which is lying in your garage or occupying parking space at your commercial place? Well look no further than A1 Towing & Collision. We are a certified towing company that provides junk vehicle removal in NYC. Our teams can take away every unwanted vehicle that you want to be removed from the parking space. Not everyone has the expertise to properly send away cars to junk yards. From space clearance to annual paperwork, our towing company handles it all on your behalf. Feel free to get in touch with our NYC based towing company and get same day junk car removal in NYC.

junk car removal nyc
junk car removal nyc

A1 Towing & Collision



ne of the worst things to deal with is the lengthy amount of paperwork that you have to deal with when you plan on discarding your old junked out vehicle. At A1 Towing & Collision, we provide the convenience and handle the paperwork for junk car removal service in NYC. With well-trained professionals who have a fair amount of experience under their belt, our teams can take every unwanted vehicle off your hands without any delay. Once you give us a call, our team will quickly arrive to pick up the old vehicle from its current location. Call us today and get rid of the pre-scheduled appointment within minutes! Now you don’t have to worry about handling large piles of paperwork yourself, you have us to do that.

Get Junk Car Removal in NYC at affordable rates

Junk car removal is not an easy task to accomplish, but it can be when you hire our junk car towing in NYC for the job. We are a certified towing service that provides drivers with professional assistance when they wish to get rid of their junk cars in New York City. Now, leave all your worries behind and allow us to handle all the paperwork and junk car removal hassles when you call us right away. Our availability is something that makes us different from other companies operating in this industry. And the best part about hiring us is our affordability. Now you don’t have to pay a large sum of money in order to get rid of your old junk vehicle. Call A1 Towing & Collision & we will make the process easier and affordable for you!

A1 Towing & Collision

Create More Free Space on Your Property WITH NYC JUNK CAR REMOVAL


f you've got a vehicle which is generations old and has no chance of getting repaired or sold, then we can definitely get you the best price for your junk vehicle. By not opting in for a junkyard, you’re doing yourself a favor and for the community. Calling us to get rid of your junked out automobile is the best decision for you because your automobile and all its associated components will be scavenged by professional recyclers when handled by us. We are an eco friendly towing company in NYC where we believe we can offer you the best affordable rates for junk car removal. Wondering how to junk a car in NY? Let us help you clear out significant space so you can make the most of it.

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junk car removal nyc