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A1 Towing & Collision

A 24/7 Long Distance Towing Service in New York City

Imagine you’re traveling across the country and suddenly your car breaks down while you are somewhere in NYC. Now, there are plenty of reasons why your car might experience a sudden breakdown but if it’s too serious and you drive a specific model which can only be repaired back at your own hometown, then call our long distance towing service in NYC for quick assistance. We can offer you fast, reliable and 24/7 towing service where our experts can come to your assistance instantly. When it comes to towing, our teams ensure that our pricing plans are kept affordable so you can easily pay for any distances that you want to cover. We have flatbed trucks which are of the best quality & can easily take you through & through safely to your desired destinations.

A1 Towing & Collision

What Do We Charge for Long Distance Towing in NYC?


re you looking for a reputable NYC towing company to help clear your blocked driveway? In case, you are then A1 Towing & Collision Service can offer you a quick response service for all your towing requirements. With more than a decade of experience under our belt, our blocked driveway clearance experts offer first-class tow trucks in NYC which can instantly reach your location and offer you just the service you need at the best affordable rates. Is your driveway inaccessible because someone wrongly parked their vehicle without your permission? Having it towed away is an effective way to restore access.

A1 Towing & Collision

A Safe & Secure Way of Transporting Your Vehicle


e use flatbed tow trucks to tow all kinds of vehicles from one place to another. Our tow trucks are equipped with winches to provide you the safety required during the tow process. Professional teams at A1 Towing & Collision also use ropes & tie-downs which further ensure the safety & security of your vehicles making sure it doesn’t have any chances of falling off whatsoever. Our teams can assure you that they will provide you with safe, reliable & efficient long distance towing. All of our tow trucks are well equipped and can be trusted for their powerful engines. We even use customized GPS equipment to get you to your desired destination in no time, even during congested traffic conditions. Are you looking for a trustworthy & reliable long distance towing specialist somewhere in NYC?

A1 Towing & Collision

Get Real Time Tracking with Advanced GPS Systems


ur experienced tow truck drivers are aware of the location and speed of the flatbed tow trucks which are carrying your car at all times, thanks to our cutting-edge GPS technology. Our service dispatch team uses advanced logistics to keep track of your tow truck at all times so you can rest assured that our teams have an idea where you are. Real-time GPS technology helps us keep clients updated on the status and position of their vehicles every step of the way. It enables us to provide prompt assistance just in case if there is any emergency situation that might arise and require immediate attention. Want to hire a professional service for long distance towing around NYC? A1 Towing & Collision is only a call away.

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