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When to Call for Emergency Towing: Common Scenarios That Need Quick Assistance

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Your automobile unexpectedly breaks down as you’re traveling down the road. How do you go about things? 

Failures can occur anywhere and at any time. A tow truck may be necessary at times, even for the most conscientious car owner. You might spend hours or even days stuck on the side of the road if you’re not prepared. This is the use of emergency towing.

However, not every circumstance that arises while driving is an emergency.

When Do You Need Emergency Towing?

Let’s take into account several scenarios where emergency towing services might be needed.


Accident removal is among the first emergency roadside services that towing firms in NYC offer. When your car has an accident, you need to get it off the road as soon as possible.

In addition to reducing traffic congestion, this also stops more accidents from occurring. Your automobile will be taken to a safe area and removed from the accident scene by emergency towing services.

It’s wise to call for emergency towing even if the collision is only small. It’s possible that your automobile has damage you don’t immediately see, or you don’t feel safe driving.

Dead Battery

It’s never enjoyable to get stuck on the side of the road, but having a dead battery can make it even more annoying. It is essential to call emergency towing services if you find yourself in this predicament.

Your battery can be jump-started by a tow truck, allowing you to resume driving.

Flat Tire

Another frequent reason for calling for emergency roadside help is a flat tire. A tire blowout on a busy highway is a far different situation than a flat tire at home.

Potholes, nails, and other items on the road are some of the causes of this. You might be able to change it yourself if you have an extra tire in your trunk.

However, you’ll need to get assistance if you don’t have a spare tire or know how to change a tire. For these kinds of situations, most towing companies offer roadside help services.

Trapped in the Mud or Snow

It can be dangerous and annoying to become stranded in the mud or snow. If you’re fortunate, a passing driver may be able to assist you.

However, you might have to contact emergency towing services if you’re not close to a road or if the driving conditions are too hazardous for someone to stop.

These services can assist you in leaving a difficult situation swiftly and safely, and they are accessible around the clock.

Run Out of Fuel

Running out of petrol is a frustrating situation for most people. Although it’s always inconvenient, it’s particularly so when it occurs in the middle of nowhere.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in this circumstance, you shouldn’t become frightened. Towing services for emergencies will deliver you a cane of gas so you can resume driving.

Calling them to let them know where you are is all that is required. To minimize the amount of time you have to wait, they may typically give you an expected time of arrival.

Car Lockout

The first thing you should do if you’re unfortunate enough to have a car lockout is give a reputable emergency towing service a call. Even while you could try to break into your automobile yourself, it’s usually not a good idea.

You may end up damaging your car. A skilled towing company will have the equipment and know-how to enter your automobile swiftly and without causing any damage.

Engine Breakdown

You can find yourself stuck on the side of the road if your engine starts making odd noises or just won’t start. When an engine fails, a vehicle needs emergency assistance because if the problem is not fixed, it could get worse.

You will require emergency towing services in this situation. Your car can be towed to the closest repair facility.

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Emergency Towing For Roadside Assistance NYC

Although it’s something we all hope to avoid, there are situations when calling an emergency tow truck is necessary. When your automobile breaks down and leaves you stranded on the road is something you can never foresee. For this reason, having a reputable towing company you can rely on in an emergency is essential.

 At A1 Towing and Collision, we provide economical emergency towing services around the clock. Call us right now! We are here to make it as simple and quick for you to get back on the road.